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Creative Mood

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Creative Mood

Iím in a creative mood today. My mind is halfway into this blog post and halfway into new ideas for a photo shoot. This affects what I should be doing; concentrating on the cupcakes Iím making for my daughterís 21st birthday. They do not turn out the way I want them to because of my lack of focus.

A creative mind does that to you sometimes. Kicks in when you donít have the time to dive into your fantasy world of creativity, and before you know it youíve lost a great idea. Keep a notebook people, and keep it close to you at all times! Write down a few words about your ideas and use this for inspiration on that day when the absence of ideas strike you with that scary empty mind from artistís block.

The keywords I wrote down today are:

BUTTONS Ė I need to do something on buttons.

WHAT IS A GOOD PHOTO? Ė New blog post