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2016 - What do you want?

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2016 - What do you want?

The holidays are over and a new year has just begun. The transition from one year to another is often the time when we reflect on the past year and make plans and set goals for the coming year.

What went well last year? What did not go well, and what would I change? Did I reach any of my goals? Did I manage to stick to my plan?

What went well
- I increased my sales of photographic art. Iím still far from being able to make a living from selling my photos, but at least I sold more last year than the year before.
- I went far beyond my comfort zone by agreeing to appear on a local TV channel.
- I was invited to participate in exhibitions in New York, Miami and Hamburg. I could not afford to attend, but it's nice to be invited, and perhaps one day .......

What did not go well
- There has been much illness among family and friends. Cancer, MS, and other diseases have hit people at a very young age. Some are now gone, while others continue their struggle. I know there was nothing I could have done, but these things have caused some thoughts about my own health. I have become more thankful that I am healthy and will try to live as healthy as possible ahead. There are no guarantees, but why gamble with your health? It is the most important instrument we have!

What I would change
- I should ask for more help and stop believing that I'm a super woman and can do everything myself. I should also try new methods to reach out to the right audience with my images, because I will never give up the dream of making a living from selling my artworks! NEVER!
- I want to spend more time with friends.
- Travel more! This is an annual new yearís resolution of mine along with having more fun than I did the previous year. I want to see some new places every year, shoot more and experience more.

My goals in 2016
- E-book
- Creative fun (blog)
- More blogging
- More pictures
- Try to make time for a new hobby
- Learn something new

Will I manage to do all this? Probably not, but at least I have the the spirit, and thatís a beginning. I think it's important to set some goals and get started without having to feel like a loser if you fail. You are allowed to try again!

Happy New Year! Just do the best you can! And remember; You canít fail if you donít give up!